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Introducing 3D advertising stickers

3D advertising stickers:

Promotional tricks are increased so that sometimes people get confused about their type, but in order for your ads to be effective you have to use several advertising methods. How to choose the type of advertising depends on the knowledge you have of your job market, customers, and the way you communicate with them, and sometimes choosing the wrong way to advertise will not only help your business thrive, but also spend money on advertising. It wastes.

There are numerous print and environmental advertising methods that can be printed on brochures, tracts, billboards such as the
Chelnium or Steel boards and in general lettering boards, billboard design and manufacturing, urban television, radio and television advertising, sampling advertising, Guerrilla advertising or advertising on social networks. But in this issue we want to tackle the 3D advertising sticker.

What is a 3D advertising sticker?
Promotional stickers are promotional stickers that are designed in 3D on the street floor as if a completely realistic image were placed in front of your viewers and you would sense a new sense of space. The primary principle in creating this beautiful phenomenon, or SALSO ART, is creativity, which means changing the angle of view of the surroundings and removing walls and staring at the floor. These tags are so beautiful that they create happiness and energy and arouse people's curiosity. In fact, these stickers are creative artistic designs that every viewer will see drying up and watching the design.
3D Design History:
Everything that is invented has a long history and is the result of many years of human effort. The date of the creation of the 3D paintings can be divided into two stages. The first part is related to the 17th and 18th centuries and the second part goes back to the 1980s to the present day. The first different sketch was drawn by Hans Holbein in 1533 called The Ambassadors, which was such that an obscure part was drawn at the bottom of the sketch so that they could grasp the essence of the subject by changing the angle of view. After that, Kurt Weiner sketched a design in the 1980s, followed by other artists such as German Manfred Stadt, Joe Hill, Leon Key and Tracy Lee Stamt, most famous of which was Englishman Julien Beaver. It owns the nickname Picasso sidewalks. Every art has its breakthroughs that 3D sticker design is not left behind and is now widely used in Western countries as one of the most effective advertising tools.

What are the uses of 3D stickers?
Business owners can design attractive 3D items for their type of business, something like a dream that has spread across the street and no one has ever had such an experience. Promotional sticker displays will not only encourage any viewer to get in touch with you, but will certainly be described as a beautiful design, with word of mouth, your product or service being described to most people. It can be said that with this advertising method you have a double pole.

One of the most prominent features of 3D stickers is communicating with other advertising media through dynamic customer interaction and can have a better impact besides sampling, social networking and guerrilla advertising.

Tools and Materials for Implementing Advertising Stickers:
Three-dimensional labels can first be applied using colored gypsum or gypsum pastels, and the most important work tool is the artist's creativity that extends the design to the floor.

In what places is it possible to use promotional stickers?
Most used in high-end locations such as service centers - tourism, airports, railways, subways, corporate corridors, pedestrian crossings, department stores, training centers, and can even be used on the floor or wall of companies and homes. Residential projects implemented the plan.

When installing sticker labels, the choice of viewing angle and distance from the main pillars is to increase the quality and productivity of the work that can affect all audiences of any age and gender and if these attractive images are not properly designed and printed, Get in the way of an inappropriate volume and dimension, not just as an effective ad, but an inappropriate image of your advertising tool in the viewer's mind and can have a negative impact on your brand's sales and popularity. Have.

Advantages of using promotional stickers:
Because of its high appeal, it can attract the attention of any passer-by

It creates a dynamic connection between your advertising tool and your audience

It results in increased environmental productivity, vitality and positive energy

Applicable in any location

There are no restrictions on the size of your promotional tags

It causes word of mouth marketing or WOM Marketing, which itself spreads like a virus by taking videos and photos from a promotional poster.

What are the problems with installing 3D stickers?

It doesn't work at night because it doesn't have enough vision

Due to the lack of 3D printing sticker installation and printing technologies, we have not yet been able to enjoy such extensive and advanced advertising.

It is not fully visible from all angles

Exhaustion due to traffic jams

Problems with the repair of 3D stickers

Requires multiple permissions to install stickers on the ground

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